Extrusion line

We have designed a succession of machines that are good for several uses, controlled or not by computer, with a scale that includes several realizations and capacities, for all the items in small, medium and large production. Furthermore they embrace a range of diameters of small spindle 20-25-38-30 D, and it can be manufactured by request in other relationships.

The reducing boxes are constructed using axis and special steel pinions treated and rectified, designed sufficiently sized for a long duration of the machine. In the central axis is directly fitted the small spindle, that has a strong axial bearing and it carries the load of this small spindle. For every kind of machine is set an engine of different power, with frequency variable to be able to change the speed, depending on the necessities.

Reducing box for extrusion diameter 60 mm

Extrusion for coextrusion diameter 20-20.

The shirt and small spindles are constructed with special steels to obtain a maximum hardness in the working area and treated of the suitable form to put up with the work, increasing the extrusion's life.