Bienvenidos a la web de Construcciones Mecánicas Fervi S.L.

Mechanical constructions FERVI, S.L. is a company that does and repairs all kind of machinery and mechanized. But its main activity is the machinery for the plastics transformation where we are more than 30 years of experience.


The manufactured machinery is specially studied for every product and client, and it is conceived to offer the clients the optimum solution in terms of quality and flexibility.

We manufacture extrusion lines of one and two small spindles, extrusion lines for coextrusion. We provide new and used machinery for PE, PP, PVC, PA. Fully-equipped lines to manufacture monofilaments, multifilaments, iron straps, raffias, film, tubes, profiles, coverings. Machine for winding, winding machines. Mall pillows and mouthpieces of extrusion.

We also carry out preparation, advising, update, launch or increases of production. Maintenances. Reconstruction and fitting out of modules and lines adapting the new technologies.