Filters changes

CSC Continuous BSC Continuous SSC Discontinuous HSC for discontinuous operation
  • CSC: The continuous change meshes with bolts contain two independent meshes. When a mesh is changed to be cleaned or replaced, the other one always remains in the flow of the fused material, completing this way their function. This will keep a permanent continuous production.
  • BSC: The change meshes type strap are different from the models CSC in their design, and they keep a constant pressure for the process. When it is polluted, the strap is moved automatically to guarantee the cleaning of the mesh. This change mesh requires little attention for the operation and it is stood out by its design easy to use.
  • SSC: The discontinuous change meshes with bolts are used in simple applications, where it is acceptable an interruption of the production. This type of the change mesh is offered with one or two meshes.
  • HSC: The same as the SSC but manual.